About Us

I’ve been providing Security Architecture services since 2000. My clients consist of some of the largest organizations that exist today and cross multiple industries.

In the process of services our clients, I have come to develop numerous templates, gather large amounts of research, create whitepapers for customer guidance, and deliver presentations on numerous topics.

But, in this day and age, there are fewer and fewer well trained Security Architects available. So, in order to help all my clients grow and become more stable, thus improving the overall security posture of Enterprises globally, I am bringing in more security architects that will be using my templates and resources in order to ensure a consistent level of quality to you.

If you are interested in leveraging my security architecture team to deliver your projects, please phone us now. Security Architects are a scarce resource and even I have to work hard to make sure I have the resources available for your use.

Thank you for visiting my site and hopefully you will find my Security Architects are the quality that I envision.