Identity and Access Management (IAM)

ECSA has been providing Identity and Access Management support to our clients since 2003. Nowhere else will you have as much expertise to draw on. And, on top of that, we use standardized templates and processes to show you exactly what you will get as well as be able to provide accurate timelines on how long it will take. Can anyone else do that?

Go to our Architecture Links page to see some of the IAM resources we’ve made available for you.

Access Management

IAM started with Single Sign On and the use of repositories like Active Directory. But it has grown well past that. Digital Rights Management, Remote Access, Password Management, and the integration of Access Management into Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) are all examples of access management that we have been involved in.

Identity Management

Provisioning used to have two different components; workflow to determine who has access to what what and then the pushing of credentials to the appropriate solutions. But now Identity Management is means so much more. RBAC, Workflow, Account Management are all examples of what IAM means in the here and now.

Vendor Agnostic

And here’s the thing – ECSA has worked with all vendor solutions. When we first started, SSO was owned by Oblix. Provisioning was owned by Netegrity. But, now, those vendors are gone and ¬†we have to deal with solutions from Oracle, IBM, and a number of smaller niche players. If you focus on one particular vendor, you will not be able to meet your clients needs. We are focused on finding the best solution for YOU. And not all vendors work for all clients.