Sometimes you don’t need a full time Security Architect. Maybe you just need an Architect for a specific project over a small time frame. ECSA’s Architects can act in this capacity. We can use our standardized templates to ensure that you get your project started and finished without any delays, thus allowing you to get the highest value for your expenditure.

Plus, to ensure that we can support you on demand, we will keep detailed notes about your organization so that, the next time you need support, the ramp up for our Architect to start work is quicker and as seemless as possible. The end result – an Architect that can provide you quality results in as short a timeframe as possible, allowing high value to be delivered.


If you don’t have a Security Architect on staff, whether Enterprise Security Architects or Solution Security Architects, my company can take on your demand. We can provide the complete Architecture practice to your organization, covering all Architecture activities included in the various phases of a project delivery such as business case development, requirements gathering, architecture creation (regardless of level), support for build/test, and support for Production Turn Over.

Our Outsourcing Services includes the ability to take on your Enterprise Architecture needs. So developing longer term Security Architecture strategies and then translating them into a Security program or individual Security projects is something we have plenty of experience in doing.

All these activities come with standardized templates and processes so you are no longer dependent on the skill level of the individual Architects but, rather, know that you are going to get a consistent level of quality in your Architectures and Strategies.


There are also those organizations that don’t have a firm architecture practice and want to develop one to ensure security is implemented, both in Security Architecture practices as well as other Architecture domains. Our other services are focused on leveraging standardized templates and processes and these are made available to our clients so that, when we leave, the client’s Architecture practice is as solid as possible.

ECSA will provide our standardized templates and processes and then customize them for your organization so that you will have a practice to take pride in. But, not only will you have access to our templates, but you will also have access to our Reference Library. This library is filled with whitepapers on various technologies, processes and vendors collected since 2000. This Library is worth bringing on ECSA all by itself.


Architecture support doesn’t just mean supporting project delivery. It can also mean providing security architecture strategy and longer term planning. ECSA has a standardized way of developing security strategies and roadmaps that ensures that all your stakeholder’s needs are met over the long haul. And, again, we make use of standardized templates to ensure that you get the same high quality work products that you would receive with Project architecture support.