Hands On Cybersecurity for Architects WORKSHOP – Nov 7, 2018


Hands On Cybersecurity for Architecture workshop scheduled for November 7, 2018. Designed to provide practical guidance for integrating security architecture concepts into enterprise or solution architecture activities.

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On November 7, 2018, ECSA is proud to provide you with a 5 hour online workshop dedicated to providing you the means to improve your security architecture skills. This workshop will be done online by making use of a Webex interface and a conference line.

All attendees will be able to interact directly with the presenter and ask questions as the workshop proceeds. The workshop is meant to be interactive so that the presenter and the attendees will be able to communicate directly for the best learning experience.

At the end of the workshop, the attendees will have access to all applicable templates and have a solid understanding of the processes associated with each template. The attendee can then leverage those processes and templates in their own organization in order to improve their ability to provide architecture services to their internal clients.

This workshop is limited to 100 people. It begins at 8:30am Pacific / 11:30am Eastern and will run for 5 hours. Webex information will be sent out once registration is complete. Access to the ECSA Templates will be made the day of the Workshop.

Topics covered during the Workshop are the activities, processes and templates associated with the following:

Session Sequence Session Name
1 Security Architecture Governance
2 Reference Security Architecture
3 Requirements Gathering
4 Cybersecurity Architecture Strategy
5 Programme/Strategy Level Work Artifacts
6 Security Architecture activities in Waterfall Project Delivery
7 Security Architecture Artifacts in Project Delivery
8 The Architecture Design Document
9 Involvement in Operations


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