ECSA has worked with numerous clients over the years, all enterprise class and all leaders in their fields. The Security Leadership has sought out Neil on numerous occasions and provides recommendations for anyone in the future.

The following are just a few of the recommendations that Neil has received over the years. For more references, please check out Neil’s LinkedIn profile.

Sean M. (SaskPower)

“Neil’s commitment to service and expertise is what I valued most about the work he did with me at SaskPower. He was brought in to help in the development and implementation of security initiatives in support of the corporation’s security strategy. In addition to that work, he also provided guidance and lent his expertise to other enterprise architecture activities which led to other improvements and demonstrated his cross-functional skills. I look forward to other opportunities to work with Neil again, and recommend him highly to anyone looking to improve their own security program or enterprise architecture.”

Jim A. (BC Hydro)

I have had the privilege of working with Neil in my last two positions with BC Hydro and VANOC. In both, Neil has continually impressed me with his ability to effectively improve the security posture. Neil does this by taking a consistent, professional, objective, standards-based approach to his work. His ability to deeply understand the important objectives and risks of the business while balancing it with effective security control and sound security architectural principles is outstanding. Neil adds tremendous value to his role by taking ownership of security architecture and delivering a huge volume of top-notch quality work.

Dmitri B. (Vancouver Olympics)

When Neil joined the project security architecture of the Games network has been already defined in the big lines. Neil learned the organisation, way of working and architectural principals used for the Vancouver 2010 Games IT infrastructure in no time. He took over the ownership of the security architecture and defined next level of details for many security solutions. Neil defined network security architecture for the Main Media Centre venue which supported critical Games IT services such as Internet Data Feed and Remote Commentator Information System for TV broadcasters and press agencies. Besides a fact that Neil is a very good IT security technical expert he also always listens to the business needs, requirements and limitations to suggest the best solution possible for the situation. Once the solution is accepted Neil is always able to manage the implementation phase on time and with the expected result.

Brian M. (Best Buy Canada)

Neil is a consummate expert in all areas related to IT Security. He is able equally to craft and present corporate policies and standards to senior-level management, discuss and recommend technical parameters for IT-Infrastructure administrators, and practically everything in-between. Neil was the senior IT Security practitioner during a very aggressive and successful program to overhaul our IT Security. In that role Neil led and mentored the other security practioners and represented that group and its interests to the other program leadership. Neil was always very professional in his approach, and invariably acted with the best interests of his client in mind. He was very helpful in transitioning the IT Security function to an in-house department created for that purpose. I’m confident in recommending Neil to any organization that needs to review or strengthen its IT Security stance.

Damian Z. (Vancouver Olympics)

Neil’s style of delivering security is one to take note of. Neil takes charge of the task at hand and makes everyone feel part of process. Neil speaks with all the stakeholders personally (business, infrastructure, and application owners) to understand their needs, share his concerns, in order to develop a solution all parties understand and stand behind. “The key to a good architect is communication”, Neil has declared more than once. Watching Neil perform his magic one becomes a believer quickly!

Davide W. (EDS)

Neil has worked multiple times with EDS (now HP Enterprise Services). He brings a great depth of knowledge in the security space and has consistently enabled rapid results and positive outcomes for un on our projects.
Neil has been a great value to me on projects we have worked together bringing a can do approach, responsiveness, and understanding of the overall imperatives and requirements.